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"Jack was recommended to me by a friend who swore by him. I was going through a rough time at work and in my relationship. I was so overwhelmed but Jack perfectly articulated what I was going through with such clarity. After one hour with him I felt lighter and clear. I knew exactly where I was going moving forward. Jack's abilities and insights are astounding. Jack is amazing! God bless his beautiful heart."

Melissa M. New York, New York

Jack Rourke's Psychic Readings New York offers Appointments six days per week. 

Expect a personal response to your call or email within 10 mins (10AM-10PM EDT) 

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Psychic in NYC for Real Issues That Really Matter to You

Psychci Readings New York

Psychic Readings New York is a client focused psychic consultation service offered by renowned New York  clairvoyant, spiritual coach and best-selling author Jack Rourke. You can learn more about Jack's expertise  by reviewing his professional bio and reading our testimonial page

Jack has been a professional psychic in the New York, Connecticut and New Jersey areas since 1996. He has been featured in the New York Post and is recognized as an extrasensory expert by CNN, ABC news, NBC, FOX and more. In 2017 he was featured by Russian State Media as the top psychic in the United States. His clients include many notable faces, politicians, psychologists, medical doctors and members of the law enforcement, military and intelligence communities. 

You will find when sharing a confidential concern with NYC psychic Jack that he is warm, funny, keenly capable and worthy of your trust. It doesn't matter if you need help woth career decisions, predictions or if you're looking for a love psychic to overcome an emotionally convoluted matter of the heart. Jack‘s specialty is providing certainty through extrasensory facts and real actionable insight on real issues that really matter to you. So whether you're googling for a psychic near me in NYC or you're outside the the New York area, Jack is here for you when you need him.  Read our client feedback. Learn how Jack has helped thousands of people like you as a Psychic in New York and across North America. 

"...Jack Rourke is that one real psychic who can really make a difference."

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Renowned New York psychic Jack Rourke has been featured by these reputable media outlets

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Learn More about New York Psychic Jack Rourke

As a Psychic in NYC Jack's mNew York Psychic Jack Rourke Book Coveredia exposure includes appearances on ABC news, NBC, FOX, Showtime, Destination America, the BBC, SyFy, the History and Travel channels and more. Of note is Jack's 2009 casting as the "real life" version of fictitious psychic detective Patrick Jane to promote the first season DVD release of the hit CBS television show "The Mentalist". In this special documentary called "Cracking the Crystal Ball", Jack discussed his real life psychic police work alongside former FBI and other experts.

In 2009 Jack was dubbed "world renowned" by America On Line's celebrity news site popstar.com while promoting the psychically themed feature film "Push". Jack earned the moniker "world renowned" for three reasons.

  1. Because of his psychic detective work on criminal and missing person’s cases.
  2. Since his predictions and commentary have been distributed globally by the Associated Press, ABC news,
    Psychic New York
    Lisa Williams & Jack Rourke

    Fox, CBS, NBC and CNN.

  3. Because his client base extends well beyond the continental United States to places as far away as Australia, the U.K., Hong Kong, South Africa and the former Soviet Union

For 2017 Jack is featured in the film “Ghosts and the Hereafter”. Billed as the "definitive documentary on ghosts and the afterlife", Mr. Rourke contiribues his experties as a New York psychic alongside such authorities as Dr. Raymond Moody PhD, James Van Praagh and DR. Norm Shealy. As a leading expert psychic and author Jack has also consulted on such feature films as Lionsgate’s The Haunting in Connecticut, Insidious 2 and Paramount Picture’s Friday the Thirteenth VII. His radio appearances include, but are not limited to multiple appearances on Coast to Coast with George Noory, Over Night America with John Grayson, UBN radio, Playboy radio and many more.

Legal Disclaimer: You must be 21 years old to use Jack Rourke's Psychic Readings New York site. Always consult a medical doctor for health problems, law enforcement professionals for legal issues,

certified financial advisors for money matters and mental health experts for interpersonal concerns. Before booking please read all policies and procedures here:


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