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Jack is awesome. I had some many questions about my relationship. I honestly didn't see how we could move forward.  Jack really nailed my boyfriend's personality  and made so much sense. Having a psychic reading with Jack was the best decision I made for myself today. Thank you so much.

Faye M. Chicago, IL

Love Psychic Los Angeles

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Psychic Readings on Love and Relationships 

Love Psychic Los Angeles

Creating the love you want can be exciting, sexy and unfortunately sometimes challenging and confusing. So like with any goal, often it's helpful having a guide who's committed to your getting where you want to be.

Jack Rourke has worked with hundred of men and women over 21 years, helping them find and create meaningful romantic connections. Whether you're in the middle of a confusing emotional entanglment, working through a divorce and curious how to handle what's next, or ready to truly love your forever partner, Jack is here for you for as long as you need him. 

The most common relationships Jack deals with are the emotional bonds between boyfriends and girlfriends and husbands and wives. However, Jack is also skilled at working with same sex relationships as well as the bonds between parent or grand parent and child. The challenges surrounding secret inter-office and extramarital indiscretions have also been circumstances Jack has worked with repeatedly. 

It doesn't matter if you're involved in a same sex or heterosexual partnership, romantic love can be deeply rewarding. However, when relationship end or become unsatisfying, this is when we discover what we're truly capable of.

Extrasensory perception cannot make a dysfunctional relationship healthy. But a love psychic like Jack can be a productive way to:

•   Gain clarity so that you can better understand and meet yours and your partner's needs

•   Discover how you might be unknowingly be contributing to the undesirable aspects of your love-life

•   Rekindle appreciation and find common ground with your partner

•   Reclaim projections and develop realistic expectations that can help true love blossom

•   Identify your partner's unspoken feelings and intentions

•   Resolve old or dysfunctional feelings so you can to let go of the past and move forward toward a new relationship

•   Extract meaning from old relationships and move on peacefully

•   Deepen self love and compassion

•   Extract meaning from an old relationship and attract a new romantic partner

All love psychic appointments are completely confidential.

Discover a fresh perspctive and learn how to get the love you want today!