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Career Psychic Readings Los Angeles

Getting a career psychic reading provides foresight that helps you with decisions affecting your vocation or finances. Psychic readings on career can also help re-connect you with your sense of  purpose thereby inspiring fulfilling forward momentum and personal direction.

"Jack is the real deal. From the first minute of our reading, Jack was spot on. His reading answered many of my questions concerning the sale of my business and new career. At the end of the reading I was allowed to ask questions. He answered them all. I feel honored to have had a reading from him and will definitely be consulting with him again in the future."  - Stacy

During your career psychic reading Jack can direct you toward your purpose and prosperity - helping find joy in your circumstances while simultaneously helping you process the underlying issues inhibiting your fulfillment. 

     "Okay Jack, I met you about two weeks ago. I have to admit I thought you were having many illusions of grandeur during our session. However I'll be darned if a lot of the things you said have not already come to pass. Wow! I'm floored. You are amazing, I look forward to meeting with you again soon." - Alison 

Career Psychic readings with Jack address your specific concerns

Since no two people are alike, your psychic career advice will be tailored to meet your individual needs. This means, your psychic session will begin by reviewing your unique concerns. Once your needs are clearly identified, Jack will then open his psychic abilities directing his awareness into your energy feild exposing useful details you can use to develop an actionable plan for accomplishing your goals. 

"I came to Jack at the most challenging and frustrating time in my career.  Through his first two readings with me, he never once mentioned the clock - he was dedicated to help me understand my position in a new light, and patiently answered all my questions until we had gotten to a stronger place of understanding of what I needed to do to reach my goals.  He clearly has psychic abilities.  However, the psychic gifts combined with an extraordinary level of empathy makes Jack stand out above the rest.  I recommend him without hesitation." - Jane


Topics typically covered in a career psychic and finance readings are:

  • understanding law of attraction and working with this philosphy effetively
  • predictions
  • salary negotiationsCareer psychic reading Los Angeles
  • inter-office politics 
  • continuing education
  • career changes
  • transitioning into retirement
  • pre and post interview questions
  • new hires - evaluating candidates for a position you're offering
  • project planning - home remodels and purchases   
  • personal asset inventory - discovering your strengths & passions

"Six months ago I had a reading with Jack. He told me in three months I was going to get a promotion and start commuting out of state before finally selling my house and moving. I thought no way that's happening. Well, I've been commuting to Oregon for the last few months and now my house is for sale. So many things Jack said have all come true. He's brilliant. I'm so glad I've found him. Thank you." -Gloria 

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