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Psychic Readings Los Angeles - Renowned psychic Jack Rourke is one of the most prominent working psychics in North America today. He is a teacher, clairvoyant mentor and author of two books. The acclaimed best-seller The Rational Psychic™, A Skeptic's Guide to Extraordinary Perception and the forthcoming Beyond Psychic™, A Rational Guide to Extraordinary Being.

Dubbed "world renowned" in 2009 by AOL’S celebrity news site pop star dot com, Mr. Rourke's accurate psychic predictions and expert commentary have been distributed globally by the Associated Press, Fox, CBS, NBC, CNN and the New York Post. Jack has also been featured on the History and Travel channels, Destination America, Sy Fy, Showtime and on the popular radio program Coast to Coast with George Noory.

Jack is passionate about serving his community using his uniquely down to earth, kind and rational style. He conducts psychic readings daily for clients across United States and Canada, and for people living as far away as Australia, the United Kingdom and South Africa. For Jack's complete psychic biography please visit our "about" page.

"Jack is perhaps the most talented psychic I have ever encountered. Jack Rourke speaks not of himself, as is the norm among sensitives, but of the work and research he is a part of. While others seek to resolve personal inner- demons, Jack is a conscientious seeker of truth, knowledge, and understanding for the improvement of the human condition."

Dr. Barry E Taff PhD 

Jack’s Services

Clairvoyant Psychic Readings

Clairvoyant Psychic Jack Rourke is a client focused professional providing solution oriented psychic readings daily. Readings focus on love & relationships, money, career and future goals. But psychic readings can address any concern. So as a client focused professional psychic, Jack tailors each reading to address his client’s unique needs. Appointments are scheduled Tuesday through Friday and by special arrangement on Saturdays and Sundays – subject to availibility. Sessions are conducted in 30, 60 and 90 minute increments.

Psychic Mentoring

Psychic mentoring is a valuable way to resolve concerns related to ​extrasensory perception. After careful study, Jack has identified the problems caused by psychic sensing. And while this topic is unpopular among sensitives, psychic development does encourage a variety undisciplined practices that can exaggerate pre-existing personal issues while creating new problems entirely. A valuable introduction to a real-world explanation for ESP is  The Rational Psychic™,® Sounds True Publishing 2012.

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaching provides insight into life’s challenges helping you restore a sense of progress, purpose & fulfillment. Using his psychic abilities Jack can enter into the felt experience of your circumstances helping you align with your stated goals by guiding you into harmony with your authentic self. Whether you’re troubled by a convoluted matter of the heart or a more practical issue, spiritual coaching is wonderful for navigating life’s transitions and realizing your true creative power.

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Psychic Readings Los Angeles

Renowned psychic and best-selling author Jack Rourke has been featured by these reputable media outlets

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Psychic Readings Los Angeles


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Psychic Readings Los Angeles


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Renowned Los Angeles psychic and best selling author offers expert psychic readings to individuals & law enforcement since 1995. Featured By ABC, CNN, NBC, FOX, History & Travel Channels,SyFY, Coast to Coast AM and more...
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